Program Overview

Thank you for purchasing Ledger Replace, powered by bolt. Ledger Replace provides three years of accidental damage coverage and two years additional coverage for device breakdown. Protection begins the day you receive your purchase order confirmation.

With Ledger Replace you never pay a deductible for your damaged hardware wallets. View our Resources section for the full rundown of program coverage and details.

Device Coverage Cost
Nano S+
1 Year Ledger Limited Warranty
2 Year Extended Warranty
3 Year Accidental Damage
Nano X
1 Year Ledger Limited Warranty
2 Year Extended Warranty
3 Year Accidental Damage

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Your Program

If you haven’t activated your account yet, log in with the email address you used to purchase your Ledger device, create a password, and you’re ready to file your claim.

You must report your claim within 30 business days from when the loss occurred.

Once your claim is approved, in-stock replacements will ship within two business day.

You will receive a return label with your replacement device. Place the device being returned (if applicable) into the box your replacement device came in, place the pre-printed return label on the box and drop the box at a UPS store or USPS facility.

If you do not return your damaged or malfunctioning device upon receipt of your replacement, you will be charged a non-return fee up to the value of your device.

Your claim may be rejected if your claim details are outside of the coverage terms. For a complete list of policy terms and exclusions, refer to the Ledger Replace Terms & Conditions. If you have any further questions, please contact Bolt.

You may file one claim in a 12-month period.

Once you make a claim, you can check its status online at

We strive to replace your device with an exact model match. If we cannot match the model, you may receive a device that is like-kind and quality. The device color may be different.

Yes. Your replacement device will assume any remaining period available under the 1-year limited warranty period of your original Ledger device.

Within the first 14 days after your plan purchase, submit your cancellation request by contacting Ledger support through live chat and get a full refund. After the first 14 days from your plan purchase, please connect to your plan space at and submit you cancellation request.


This program may be changed or modified during your term. Please refer to this website for the most current information. We will not cover damage caused directly or indirectly by any exclusions listed in the complete Plan Terms & Conditions. PLEASE READ THE FULL PLAN TERMS & CONDITIONS CAREFULLY TO DETERMINE YOUR RIGHTS, DUTIES, AND WHAT IS AND IS NOT COVERED.

Program Disclosures & Policy Documents

Claims may be fulfilled with replacement products and parts, which may be new, refurbished, or of a different color and meet the manufacturer’s specifications. If the exact model is not available, the replacement will be of like kind, quality, and functionality. This coverage may provide a duplicate of other sources of coverage. You may cancel at any time.