Program Overview

Enroll today to purchase your coverage.

This plan covers all active phones in your household for just $99 a year and covers cracks, liquid damage, accidental damage, and mechanical failures.

If damage occurs, start your claim.

Submit a claim within 30 days of the occurrence of damage using the “Start a claim” link above.

In order to process your claim you will need proof of ownership, the phone’s IMEI number, and the date and details of the incident.

Choose a convenient repair center, local walk-in options are available.

bolt Protect provides preferred vendors for even faster claim processing.

Get your device repaired or replaced.

Pay a deductible based on the value of your phone and whether it is repairable or needs replacement.

Device Retail Price Deductible for Repair Deductible for Replacement[1]
Up to $500 $49 $99
$500 or greater $99 $199

[1] Every effort will be made to fix your damaged device. If the device is not repairable, the replacement deductible will apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

IT Consultant

Question About Your Program

You can activate your account or file a claim here on or after your Coverage Start date.

If you haven’t activated your account, simply login wth the email address used at time of purchase and create a password. you will then need to register your device using the phone’s IMEI and upload a wireless bill showing that this device was on an active wireless network at time of the incident.

Your devices IMEI can be found on the device under settings, or by logging into your wireless carrier account and viewing your devices.

Your claim must be reported within 30 days from when the incident occurred.

You can make up to two (2) claims during your coverage period.

Once your claim has been approved, you will be directed to one of bolt’s preferred repair vendors. You may also take the device to a repair provider of your choice. Be sure to save your receipt and upload it to the claims site to be reimbursed.

We will ship you a replacement device. If your device cannot be replaced, bolt may choose to issue a cash reimbursement for the value of your claimed device.

Each claim you file has a maximum limit of liability of $1,000.


We’ve got all the inside info you need right here in our Resources Center. Check the library below for Coverage Details and the Terms & Conditions of your plan.

Program Overview and Terms & Conditions

This program may change or be modified during your term. Please refer to this website for the most current program information.

Claims may be fulfilled with new or reconditioned equipment. Reconditioned equipment may have minor cosmetic flaws. If the exact model is not available, the replacement will be of like kind and quality. This coverage may provide a duplicate of other sources of coverage.